Wir haben uns für Sie mit dem Thema Körperschallwandler beschäfftigt und verschiedene Modelle
getestet. Hier finden Sie unsere Top 5 die durch Verarbeitung, Funktion und Preis überzeugen konnten.
The Reckhorn may be a unique product in world of audio equipment. In one box there is a digital to analogue converter,
analogue to digital converter, digital signal processor and 2 channel power amplifier.
This is a lot functionality in a relatively small box and at the amazingly.....Check out the complete Test
RECKHORN DSP-6 Pre Amplifier + Digital Crossover + Amplifier combination with a digital sound processor,
S-30 Spherical Speaker, Reckhorn H-100 Cornerhorn and A-500 subwoofer amp finally got its first audition.
Really fairly priced and nicely sounding gear from Germany! Check out the complete Test

Reckhorn of Germany. Call us ignorant but in all the years we’ve been active in audio land, we never heard of
the company, let alone its products. So when the review request came along, we were first of all interested in
what had caused that oversight in our product awareness. We thus followed Google is your Friend which netted
links to URLs of the company with .net, .com and .org extensions plus forum discussions mostly in
German and on the topic of home cinema...... sixmoons


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